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Steampunk Costume Ideas

For those of you who may not be familiar with Steampunk costumes, they are created to represent the period of time when society was steam-powered. Most commonly you'll find them styled like the American West or Victorian England. They can take many shapes such as practical or fantastic and informal or formal, but most include a set of goggles that also help to incorporate other sci-fi origins, as well.

Many enthusiasts pride themselves on their exemplary steampunk costumes. This has helped to push the steampunk sub-culture into mainstream popularity. Coming up with your own steampunk costume idea can be overwhelming or expensive. However, if you try hard enough you can create a costume that is basic, but yet workable. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.


30 Creative DIY Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk AssassinSteampunk Assassin
Sent in by Emily to our 2012 costume contest

Steampunk JetpackSteampunk Jetpack
Via Steampunk Chronicle

Huntress of SteammonstersHuntress of Steammonsters
via MADmoiselle Meli

Steampunk Wolf HuntressSteampunk Wolf Huntress
Source: Cosplay.com

Steampunk GirlsSteampunk Girls
Photo by Samuel Pinero

Gothic SteampunkGothic Steampunk
Photo by Marco Ribbe

Steampunk Princess LeiaSteampunk Princess Leia
Photo by Robert Armstrong

Steampunk Star Wars group costumeSteampunk Star Wars: Princess Leia, Boba Fett and Darth Vader
Source: Steampunk_Fashion

Steampunk Explorer Girl - Clockwork Hard Leather CorsetSteampunk Explorer Girl
via Brute Force Studios

Steampunk Couples CostumeSteampunk
Sent in by Daniel to our 2012 costume contest

Steampunk CoupleSteampunk Couple
Photo by Stephen Giang, via Seattle Weekly

Steampunk Couple CostumeSteampunk Couple Costume
Photo by T.R Harrison

Steampunk Batman and Poison Ivy costumesSteampunk Batman and Poison Ivy
via Rad Dad

Steampunk ExplorersSteampunk Explorers
via Kristen - LittleMissMetamorph

Steampunk Couple from Elf Fantasy Fair 2013Steampunk Couple from Elf Fantasy Fair 2013
Photo by Eric/Qsimple

Steampunk FamilySteampunk Family
Photo by Frederik van der Zwaag

Steampunk Family CostumeSteampunk Family Costume
Photo by Lagueuse

Steampunk Family Costume IdeasSteampunk Family Costume Idea
Photo by Shawn Carnes

Steampunk Ladies from Steampunk MCM Expo 2013Steampunk Ladies from Steampunk MCM Expo 2013
via Lady-Avalon

Steampunk GhostbustersSteampunk Ghostbusters
Photo credit Erika Kyonlee
Photo by Edinson Miguel Quintero Vasquez

Steampunk Mechanical Doll CostumeSteampunk Mechanical Doll Costume

Steampunk MistressSteampunk Mistress
Photo by Kristin Irons

Steampunk PirateSteampunk Pirate
Photo by Jenny Fox

Steampunk OfficerSteampunk Officer
Photo by Frederik van der Zwaag

Steampunk Kids CostumesSteampunk Kids Costumes
Costumes and Photo by CathGrace

Boys Halloween Steampunk CostumesBoys' Halloween Steampunk Costumes
via Not Blessed Mama

Steampunk Baby and MomSteampunk Baby and Mom
via Brenda {SteamCircus.com}

Steampunk KidSteampunk Kid
Photo by Andrew Siguenza

Steampunk GirlCute Steampunk Girl
via ChiIL Mama


Costume Price Information

Complete costumes can be created for usually anywhere between $125 and $700. This number will greatly vary depending on the kinds of clothes you already own. For example, if a man owns a morning suit, that may leave him with only a monocle, pocket watch, and top hat to purchase.

When deciding the budget for this type of costume, it's important to be aware that between half and three-quarters of that budget will be spent on the large costume piece like the suit, corset, or dress. Just keep in mind that your entire costume doesn't have to be over-the-top, but make sure at least one large piece of the costume is discernible as Victorian or steampunk.

Creating a Costume

One thing you can do is locate inexpensive costume pieces at retail and thrift stores alike. Just remember to keep aesthetics in mind. Some examples of great pieces you may find are:

  • A brown leather bomber jacket
  • A dress made with faded lace and black velvet
  • A newsboy hat
  • Victorian-style lacy tights
  • Padded goggles

In the end, simple costumes are just as respected as the more elaborate ones. As you gain more experience creating costumes you will find great new ways to make them more unique, while still reflecting your intended purpose.

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