2020 Halloween Costume Contest
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Halloween Costume Contests

Since 2006 when Coletta Daniel started this website and her first Halloween contest, online costume contest at Costume-Works.com became extremely popular (as you can see from the past years contests below). We will continue this great tradition, and we hope to see a lot of entries in our Halloween Costume Contest, with your creative and original costume ideas.


2020 Halloween Costume Contest

2020 Halloween Costume Contest


We have Costume Picture Gallery, where you can see amazing Halloween costumes from our contests since Costume-Works.com began. Feel free to send us your costume pictures from past years Halloween or costume party... adult costumes, kids costumes, and even your pets costumes. Homemade or store-bought - doesn't matter... we will post it in the appropriate category of Photo Gallery on our website. Below you can see some random photos from our gallery:

Hot Air Balloon CostumeHot Air Balloon Costume

Daddy Halloween CostumeDaddy Costume

IZZE Bottles CostumeIZZE bottles Costumes

Cruella DeVil CostumeCruella DeVil Costume

Little Old Man CostumeLittle Old Man Costume

Headless Marie Antoinette Homemade CostumeHeadless Marie Antoinette Costume

Castaway Couple CostumeCastaway Couple Costume

Free Puppies CostumeFree Puppies Costumes

DIY Cotton Candy CostumeCotton Candy Costume

Smurfette Dog CostumeSmurfette Costume

Dog Witch CostumeWitch's Mattie & Tobi Costumes

Cute dog dressed as Wonder WomanWonder Woman Costume

If your costumes are homemade and you have instructions... Jot them down and send them along too, so we can post them for 2018 Halloween Costume Contest. Also, please send the name of the costume wearer and/or the name of the person sending in the entry along with the relationship to the costume wearer (Mom, Grandma, Friend..etc.). We'd like to put a little snippet beneath each costume photo. We will not put any LAST names on our webpages unless asked to in advance.

We have HIGH HOPES that we will receive LOTS of Entries each Halloween season so the Contests will be a blast for everyone!
If you haven't yet checked out our past Costume Contests just click a link below and ENJOY!

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