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Movie and TV Show Costumes

This is the gallery of movie and tv show costumes, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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Animal from the Muppets CostumeAnimal from the Muppets

Woody & Jessie Homemade CostumeWoody & Jessie

Star Wars Family Halloween CostumesStar Wars

BB-8 and Rey Homemade CostumeBB-8 and Rey

Mad Max and Furiosa Homemade CostumeMad Max and Furiosa

Two Broke Girls Homemade CostumeTwo Broke Girls

Mary Poppins, Bert and the Penguin Homemade CostumeMary Poppins, Bert and the Penguin

UP Couple Homemade CostumeUP

Female Grinch Homemade CostumeGrinch

Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Homemade CostumeHocus Pocus Billy Butcherson

Megazord and Pink Ranger Homemade CostumeMegazord and Pink Ranger

Dot Matrix from Spaceballs Homemade CostumeDot Matrix from Spaceballs

Guardians of the Galaxy Homemade CostumeGuardians of the Galaxy

Little Jack Skellington and his dog Zero Homemade CostumeLittle Jack Skellington and his dog Zero

Gizmo and Gremlin Homemade CostumeGizmo and Gremlin


The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Costumes DIYThe Nightmare Before Christmas

Joyce Byers and Wall Homemade CostumeJoyce Byers and Wall

American Werewolf in London Homemade CostumeAmerican Werewolf in London

Sam the Demon Trick-or-Treater Homemade CostumeSam the Demon Trick-or-Treater

Forrest Gumps and Lieutenant Dan Homemade CostumeForrest Gumps and Lieutenant Dan

WALL-E Boy Homemade CostumeWALL-E

Leia and Ewok Homemade CostumeLeia and Ewok

Forrest Gump Family CostumeLife is Like a Box of Chocolates

Easy DIY Monsters Inc. Family CostumeMonsters Inc.

Negan Homemade CostumeNegan

Nightmare Before Christmas Family Homemade CostumeNightmare Before Christmas

Family Up Homemade CostumeFamily Up

Mr. Potato Head Homemade CostumeMr. Potato Head

Star Wars AT-ST Homemade CostumeStar Wars AT-ST

Despicable Me Family Homemade CostumeDespicable Me Family

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