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Homemade Alien Stealing a Child Costume

In Nate's Mom, Becky words:

Nate was sleeping soundly in his bed when an Alien came and snatched him up. He barely had time to grab his beloved Teddy Bear so, at least, he wouldn't be completely without a friend from home... "EARTH" that is.

Alien Kidnapping a Boy Costume Alien Stealing a Child Costume

Becky has made such a fine costume this time as a matter of fact that it is entered in my 2007 Halloween Costume Contest!

This out-of-this-world optical illusion is made by strapping a mask/head and frame (that form the head and the shoulders of the alien) to the back of the costume wearer. It is then shrouded with a cloak. The pajama legs are filled with balloons to give them realistic form, while the costume wearer's real legs become the alien's legs.
Becky says that she purchased the actual HEAD, HANDS, and FEET for the alien.

Thanks for the info Becky! Ü

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Costumes of the type above can be difficult in more ways than one. Not only are they a bit hard to make, but the wearer often must carry his/her head poised in a certain way to gain the correct effect. That said...If all parties are willing to carry out his/her own end of the deal the costumes are just fantastic visually... Now that I've said THAT much I might add that you may stil wish to visit an on line Costume store to get Accessories or other "Parts" of your Costume. OR..you may wish to skip the difficulties all together and simply be an Alien from Outter Space! Of course a costume can be made..OR..a Costume can be purchased.

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