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Homemade Halloween Costumes

This is the gallery of homemade halloween costumes, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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Medusa Homemade CostumeMedusa

Zombie Bar Maid Homemade CostumeZombie Bar Maid

Zombie Tooth Fairy Homemade CostumeZombie Tooth Fairy

Vampire with Stake through Chest Homemade CostumeVampire with Stake through Chest

Miley and Billy Ray Homemade CostumeMiley and Billy Ray

Miley Cyrus and her Wrecking Ball Homemade CostumeI Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Homemade CostumeGuardians of the Galaxy Gamora

Minecraft Steve & Creeper Homemade CostumesMinecraft Steve & Creeper

Ziggy Stardust David Bowie Homemade CostumeZiggy Stardust David Bowie

Extraterrestrial Homemade CostumeExtraterrestrial

Snoopy Homemade CostumeSnoopy

Neverending Story with Falcor and Atreyu Homemade CostumeNeverending Story with Falcor and Atreyu

Energizer Bunny & Battery Homemade CostumeEnergizer Bunny & Battery

Harry Potter Family CostumeHarry Potter and Crew

Elliott and ET Homemade CostumeElliott and ET


Eminem and M&M Homemade CostumeEminem and M&M

Raggedy Ann Homemade CostumeRaggedy Ann

Monsters Inc. Family Homemade CostumeMonsters Inc.

Little Red and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf Homemade CostumeLittle Red and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf

Poison Ivy and Bane Homemade CostumePoison Ivy and Bane

Joker Homemade CostumeJoker

Paul Bunyan and his Babe the Blue Ox Homemade CostumePaul Bunyan and his Babe the Blue Ox

Stick Figure Homemade CostumeStick Figure

Ms Sophia from The Color Purple Homemade CostumeMs Sophia from The Color Purple

Maleficent Baby CostumeBaby Maleficent

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Homemade CostumeDr. Seuss Cat in the Hat

Lady Venom Homemade CostumeLady Venom

The Mystery Gang Homemade CostumeThe Mystery Gang

Amazing Medusa Homemade CostumeAmazing Medusa

Homemade Mouse Trap CostumeMouse Trap

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