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This is the gallery of homemade halloween costumes, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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Sally Skellington Homemade CostumeSally Skellington

Cabbage Patch Doll Homemade CostumeCabbage Patch Doll

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Homemade CostumesMinnie and Mickey Mouse

Lord of the Rings Sauron Homemade CostumeLord of the Rings Sauron

Headless Couple Homemade CostumeHeadless Couple

Dragon Wolf Homemade CostumeDragon Wolf

Zipper Face Homemade CostumeZipper Face

Minions Homemade CostumeMinions

Pinocchio Baby Homemade CostumePinocchio

Wayne's World Homemade CostumeWayne's World

Iron Man Mark VI Homemade CostumeIron Man Mark VI

Iron Man Mark 42 Homemade CostumeIron Man Mark 42

Scooby Doo Velma Dinkley Homemade CostumeScooby Doo Velma Dinkley

Knight in Shiny Armour Homemade CostumeKnight in Shiny Armour

Ursula Homemade CostumeUrsula


Zombie Captain America Homemade CostumeZombie Captain America

The Invisible Man Homemade CostumeThe Invisible Man

Connie and Beldar Coneheads Homemade CostumeConnie and Beldar Coneheads

Port-O-Hottie Homemade CostumePort-O-Hottie

Vanellope Von Schweetz Homemade CostumeVanellope Von Schweetz

Police Officer & Prisoners Family CostumeMy First Arrest

Beer & Pretzels Homemade CostumeBeer & Pretzels

Dumb and Dumber Family Homemade CostumeDumb and Dumber

Baby Groot and Rocket Homemade CostumeBaby Groot and Rocket

Psychedelic Alice & Mad Hatter Homemade CostumePsychedelic Alice & Mad Hatter

Porcelain Doll Homemade CostumePorcelain Doll

Treasure Chest Homemade CostumeTreasure Chest

Bam Bam Homemade CostumeBam Bam

Peacock Baby Homemade CostumePeacock

Ring Master & Tigers Homemade CostumeRing Master & Tigers

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