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Garbage Truck Costume
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Garbage Man with Truck Costume

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Garbage Man with Truck Costume

Garbage man in training

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Photo #1 - Garbage man in training Photo #2 - Garbage Truck Costume Photo #3 - Front of Garbage Truck Costume Photo #4 - Rear of Garbage Truck Photo #5 - Comparing Garbage Trucks Photo #6 - Garbage Truck Side View Photo #7 - Garbage Truck Costume with working lights Photo #8 - Garbage Truck Costume- working tail lights Photo #9 - Garbage Truck- lined costume where child stands Photo #10 - Happy Garbage Man Costume- two thumbs up!
Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for boys entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Stacy, the 'Garbage Man with Truck' costume creator:

Brayden is our Garbage Man. He repeatedly said he wanted to be a garbage man. I couldn't locate a costume anywhere so had to resort to a template that I found online. It started with 4x4 sheets of cardboard. It's held together primarily with hot glue and some duct tape. There are many coats of paint on the exterior with batting lining the hole where he stands, Velcro straps, reflective tape, reflectors, styrofoam wheels painted black, medicine top bottles for rims, working head lights and tail lights and a mini dumpster on top of the cab for candy. We adopted the WM logo but changed it underneath to read "Candy Management Services - Think Sweet!" To finish off Brayden's costume is an orange shirt with a reflective V-vest. Priceless!

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58 votes
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#1 comment by Stacy Dodson October 17, 2012

Brayden is just tickled with his costume. He was well worth the effort to make this happen.

#2 comment by Marge Crowe October 17, 2012

I know how hard you worked on this. It looks fantastic. I can't wait for Brayden to show it off Trick or Treating.

#3 comment by Linda September 16, 2013

This is soooo awesome! My son is obsessed with the garbage trucks so I'm now lookin into making one for him. Would you be able to give me details on how you went about constructing this?

#4 comment by tiffanie R September 16, 2013

Can you possibly give instructions on how you made this - or are you willing to make another and sell/ship????

#5 comment by Stacy Dodson September 18, 2013

Yes, I actually posted it to Craigslist last week. If you're interested in buyin it, let me know. It had $70 in materials and about 43 hours of time in it so I was asking $100 but if you make me an offer - I will let you know

#6 comment by tiffanie richardson September 18, 2013

I am very interested!!

tiffanie [at] tristarmtg.com

#7 comment by Laura September 18, 2013

You should put it on eBay! then we could all bid on it! I'm interested as well :)

#8 comment by Linda September 19, 2013

I would soooo buy it now!

#9 comment by Stacy Dodson September 19, 2013

I'm reposting it on ebay. I had to measure it for the dimensions so that the shipping could be estimated.

#10 comment by Tiffanie September 19, 2013

Can you post link to the listing once you post?

#11 comment by S Dodson September 19, 2013

Ebay Link

#12 comment by Stacy Dodson September 19, 2013

I tried to post a link and it didn't come over. If you go on to the eBay website and search;
Garbage Truck Halloween Costume 2013
it should be the first costume to pop up.

#13 comment by Laura September 19, 2013

Your link worked!

#14 comment by Tiffanie September 19, 2013

Yes it did - Thank you! I may actually attempt to do one on my own......

#15 comment by Stacy Dodson September 20, 2013

I tried finding the blueprints online to post the link but haven't located them yet. They were actually pictures of the drawings of the blue prints which showed the measurements and where to score the cardboard to make it bend properly. The guys must have been an engineer because everything was about precision to make it look more than just a box with paint on it. Good luck in your project.

#16 comment by Tatum September 29, 2013

Wow! This is the most AMAZING costume ever. You are so talented and creative. So bummed to have missed the eBay sale. Any chance you are interested in making another so that I can buy it before Halloween? ;)

#17 comment by Stacy Dodson September 30, 2013

It takes about 45 hours here and there to make and I don't have that kind of time right now. I can send you the pictures of how I made it and the blueprints. If you don't have time to make it, maybe the local high school shop class would be interested in the task. email me and I will send you the prints. lordsprovisions[at]aol.com

#18 comment by Melissa October 5, 2013

Hi Stacey! Would you consider making another garbage truck costume? That costume is impressive and I wish I could make it myself. My son would be over the moon if he had one like that. Thank you

#19 comment by Stacy Dodson October 5, 2013

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for the compliments. It took about 43 hrs total to make and I did it by myself- no help from hubby.

I don't have time to make it but can send you the blueprints if you want to give it a try or ask the local high school shop class if they are up for the project. My email is in comment # 17.

#20 comment by Stacy Dodson October 6, 2013

Hi all- my eBay buyer's son doesn't want to wear the costume. She said she's going to repost it. When I hear more, I will let you know.

#21 comment by Andrea October 21, 2013

Any chance the costume is reposted yet. I didn't see any follow up comments after oct 6th

#22 comment by Stacy Dodson October 22, 2013

She already resold it. Sorry.

#23 comment by Vinessa October 12, 2016

Anyone selling a garbage man costume of any sort?
Thank you

#24 comment by Esther April 4, 2017

I want to buy this!! are you selling?

#25 comment by Leslie August 20, 2018

Hello can u send the blue prints for this? I have a 3yr old who has a garbage truck infactuation. That is his birthday theme this year and since they are both in October, well y not

#26 comment by Stacy August 21, 2018

I need your email address and I'll send it

#27 comment by Anna September 10, 2018

Hey Stacy,
Can you please send me the blueprints... my husband own a garbage business and our son will love this...
Thanks in advance

#28 comment by Jamie September 18, 2018

Hi Stacy could you please send me the directions for making this garbage truck? My son would love it. Thanks in advance!

#29 comment by Matt September 19, 2018

My son is obsessed. Can I please get the blueprints?

Thanks in advance!

#30 comment by stacy September 20, 2018

Matt, I will need your email.

#31 comment by Matt D Gieseke September 20, 2018


#32 comment by Rachel September 20, 2018

Hi Stacy- can you please send me the blueprints for this too? My son would LOVE it!

Thank you!!

#33 comment by Michelle September 21, 2018

I would love these directions!

#34 comment by Suzy H October 5, 2018

I would love the blueprints for this!

#35 comment by Sarah October 5, 2018

Hi Stacy! This is the most incredible diy garbage truck I've seen. Can you please send the blueprints so I can attempt this on my own? Please and thank you! You're extremely talented!

#36 comment by Stacy October 5, 2018

Sarah -

Please send me your email address and I'll forward instructions.

#37 comment by Liana Paris October 5, 2018

Can I please get these blue prints too?

#38 comment by Sarah October 7, 2018

Thank you! Sarahm.dougherty[at]gmail.com

#39 comment by Sarah Gavalla October 8, 2018


#40 comment by Stacy October 8, 2018

I think I've sent it to everyone who's asking. If I missed anyone, let me know.


#41 comment by Debbie October 8, 2018

My son is obsessed w/ garbage trucks & would like to be one for Halloween as well. I'd love your directions please!

#42 comment by Lea flowers October 11, 2018

Stacy your costume is fantastic. Could you please forward the directions to me as well?


#43 comment by Stacy October 11, 2018

Debbie & Lea Flowers - just sent!

#44 comment by Danielle October 15, 2018

Oh my! Me too! Danimaster[at]aol.com!

#45 comment by Stacy October 16, 2018

Danielle - done!

#46 comment by Jennifer October 16, 2018

Please send blueprints to jenmakely[at]yahoo.com

Much appreciation!

#47 comment by Stacy October 17, 2018

Jennifer - Done!

#48 comment by Rebecca October 21, 2018

Could you please also share the blue prints with me rkmilo[at]gmail.com. Thanks!!

#49 comment by Stacy October 22, 2018

Rebecca - Done!

#50 comment by Bronwyn October 26, 2018

I would also like the instructions. brawny14[at]hotmail.com
Thank you

#51 comment by Jennessa October 29, 2018

Can you please send the instructions to us as well? With 2 days before Halloween, my son is insisting I make this costume for him!

#52 comment by Stacy October 29, 2018

Jennessa - I would need your email in order to send it.

Bronwyn - Done!

#53 comment by Kim March 1, 2019

Stacey could you send me the blueprints and instructions to kimmycola[at]gmail.com.

#54 comment by Jesse Gonzalez April 27, 2019


This is awesome! Can you send the blueprints to jesse.gonzale[at]yahoo.com

#55 comment by Andrea Murphy June 7, 2019

Can I please get the blueprints? andreawarmmurphy[at]gmail.com

#56 comment by Briana Fitzgibbon June 25, 2019

Is this available for purchase?

#57 comment by Ashley Najuck August 25, 2019

Would love blueprints ty.

#58 comment by Lauren September 2, 2019

Could you send me instructions for this? This is exactly what my son wants to be for Halloween

#59 comment by Amanda D September 9, 2019

I need the blue prints for this! My 2 year old is trash truck obsessed!!


#60 comment by Stacy.biltmoreprov@gmail.com September 11, 2019

Andrea & Amanda - I'll send them out later today.

Lauren & Ashley - I need your email address.

Brianna - this was sold right after Halloween and I actually got $300 which covered the $50 in materials, freight and I made money

#61 comment by Shelby September 11, 2019

Can I get the blueprints as well?

#62 comment by Stacy.Biltmoreprov@gmail.com September 13, 2019

If you post your email address, I can forward the blueprints to you.

#63 comment by shelby September 14, 2019

Sorry. Shelbyphillips[at]msn.com

#64 comment by Vivian September 27, 2019

May I have the blueprint please? My 4 years old said I want this when he saw the picture.thanks in advance

#65 comment by Vivian September 27, 2019

Please send me the blueprint thanks a lot

#66 comment by Chris Revell September 27, 2019

Could you forward the blueprints as well to:


#67 comment by Stacy Dodson September 28, 2019

Chris, Vivian & Shelby-

I just forwarded them to you. Good Luck!

#68 comment by Barry Dollar September 29, 2019

Jumping on the ban wagon, could you send the blueprints to barrydollar(at)gmail.com?

#69 comment by Kat October 15, 2019

Could you send me the blueprints? Thank You! Katrinaahunt[at]gmail.com

#70 comment by Denise October 28, 2019

This costume is awesome! My 3 year old loves garbage trucks. He was a garbage truck last year. But it would be cool if I could make one this year. Could you please send me the blueprints? burbie78[at]yahoo.com

#71 comment by Stacy October 29, 2019

Just sent it to you Denise

#72 comment by Janette January 15, 2020

Can I get blue prints please

#73 comment by Stacy February 7, 2020

Janette, let me know your email like above and I'll forward them to you.

#74 comment by Amanda September 10, 2020

Blue prints please!

#75 comment by Emma September 13, 2020

Hi. Are you still sending blueprints? If so, could I have them please? Emmafindlay84[at]hotmail.com

#76 comment by Stacy September 16, 2020

Amanda - I need your email.

Emma - done!

#77 comment by Amanda September 16, 2020


#78 comment by Stacy September 17, 2020

Amanda - done!

#79 comment by Manoj September 20, 2020

Stacy - please send me the blueprints as well - thank you so much!


#80 comment by Stacy September 21, 2020

Manor - just sent!

#81 comment by Corinn September 22, 2020

I would love love LOVE the blueprints to try and make this costume for my son in time for Halloween! Found your link to this post on Pinterest! Thank you so much for sharing!


#82 comment by Stacy September 23, 2020

Corinn - sent!

#83 comment by Kristin September 28, 2020

I would love to get a copy of the blueprints if all possible.
Thanks again


#84 comment by Stacy September 30, 2020

Kristin - done!

#85 comment by Mandi Cook October 9, 2020

Hello! Could you send me the blueprints as well, please?

My little man is begging to be a garbage truck!


#86 comment by Stacy October 12, 2020

Mandi - done!

#87 comment by Kristen October 17, 2020

Stacy, can you please send me the blue prints as well? kristen_daniels[at]yahoo.com.

#88 comment by Stacy October 19, 2020

Kristen - done!

#89 comment by r. Jones October 20, 2020

Would love copy of blueprints too! You did a great job for your son!

#90 comment by Chris October 22, 2020

Well done, Stacy. I'd love to try and make this truck for Halloween. If you have time, plans would be much appreciated. But certainly no rush. Thanks!

#91 comment by Melissa October 22, 2020

We would love to have the blueprints to this as well if you don't mind!!!

#92 comment by Stacy October 25, 2020

Chris, Melissa & R Jones- need your email addresses

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