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Emmet and President Business Costume

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Emmet and President Business Costume

Emmet and President Business

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This homemade costume for boys entered our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Lisa, the 'Emmet and President Business' costume creator:

Everything Is Awesome!!
My boys and I have watched The Lego Movie at least once every weekend since it came out on DVD back in June. We still love it every time! We decided around July that they would be Emmet and President Business for Halloween. They boys were excited, but I was probably more excited to get crafting. I started daydreaming then obsessing about how I was going to make these costumes. A few times, I wondered what I had committed myself to.

I never know when to start theses things. I didnít want to start too early and have them sit around the house or too late and be pulling all-nighters trying to finish. The second week of October seemed like a good time to start, so I got all of my supplies and got to work. I had already created my ďblueprintsĒ by measuring all of the proportions of the Lego guy and scaling them to my sonís sizes. And you thought algebra was useless!

Next, I started making the bodies out of good old cardboard and masking tape. This was probably the easiest part since I already had the measurements. The best boxes were the Kirkland Diaper box and also apple boxes from Costco. They were nice and sturdy. After I got the basic shape of the bodies down, I got to work on the heads. I used insulation Styrofoam from Home Depot for the top and bottom and poster board for the center part. I am sure there is better foam out there, but this came in a 4ft by 8 ft by 2 inch sheets for around $7. The craft foam is much more expensive. I cut the circles with a large pocket knife and shaped them with sandpaper then taped some poster board around the circles. I had to make sure to position them so the boysí eyes would be in line with the mouth of the Lego Guy.

After the heads came the hair and hands. This was by far the most difficult task. I cut out the rough shape of the hair in layers and glued the layers together with Loctite Spray adhesive. As long as you spray far enough away, it wonít melt the Styrofoam. After I had the rough shape, I got to work sanding to make the layers even and shape them into beautiful Lego hair that fit the Lego heads. This took a lot of elbow grease and some medium grit sandpaper. Iím sure there was a much faster and better way to do this, but I donít have a workshop or a lot of tools. Warning! Foam sanding is very messy and I recommend a mask. I have been finding little bits of foam in my hair and everywhere for days! For the hands I just glued two layers of foam together and cut out the circle shape of the hands and sanded.

Everything was coming together! I had the basic shape of all of the parts and it was time to paint. First, I covered the bodies in white poster board, but probably could have used the roll of paper I have laying around now that I think of it. This step took a while, but it really saved me time and money on spray painting. Poster board or white paper is cheap, and it made it so I only needed one coat of paint and no primer. I sprayed the main body section, legs heads and hands and used regular cheapo craft paint for the rest including the hair. Itís best to avoid spray paint on Styrofoam, oops! I drew the design on the bodies and faces by looking at my sonís toys and measuring the proportions, then painted over it with the craft paint. I think all of the measuring was key to these turning out pretty good. It takes a little longer, but it looks right. After that, the costumes were complete and it was just in time - the day before Halloween! I could not wait for boys to put them on. I felt like it was Christmas Eve back in 1991.

Halloween Day!!!! It had been raining all week, but it looked like we were going to stay dry for the evening, bonus!! We hadnít really figured out how we were going to get these giant Lego legs to stay on, but after a few trials and errors my older son and I settled on duct tape and yarn and made some suspenders. The first Trick or Treaters came, so we decided it was time to scarf our Chili and get going. My five year old was ready to go! He put his costume on, posed and patiently waited by the door with his pumpkin bucket. His little brother had other plans. ďHippy dippy baloney,Ē he said. I begged, I pleaded, I bribed, I chased him, I tried to force him, but this kid was not going to put on his costume. I offered just the head, just the body, just a hand anything please! But I could not crack the will of a two year old and big brother was getting impatient. We decided to journey out with just Emmet, but I carried President Business just in case the little stinker changed his mind. I ended up looking kind of sad and desperate walking around with this empty costume, but I just couldnít bear to leave it home after all the work that went into it.

It took a little time to get out to the street with Emmetís giant legs, but it was worth the slow walk. Seeing my son as a life size Lego guy walking was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The way he had to walk with his giant legs was priceless. I could not stop laughing. The very first step into the street we were greeted by a group of pre-teens who thought he was so cool that they had to take a picture. Emmet was such a good sport and stood there next to the empty President Business while strangers took his picture. Once we crossed the street, we ran into more Emmet fans who wanted pictures. I think my son felt pretty cool, but he hadnít even scored any candy yet so we hit a couple houses. The look when people opened the door and saw him was the best. It made people so happy and that made my day. Lots of people called for their kids and spouses to come look at the Lego Guy. We were feeling pretty good, but after a while the legs got to be too much. We took them home and went back out and stocked up on candy. He still looked pretty darn cool even without the legs! Iím pretty bummed that President Business didnít join us, but thereís always next year!!

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#1 comment by Julia November 6, 2014

Great costumes!! We loved the movie too.

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