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Homemade Costumes for Girls

This is the gallery of homemade costumes for girls, entered our online costume contest over the years since 2006.

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Water Fountain Homemade CostumeWater Fountain

Beetlejuice Homemade CostumeBeetlejuice

Bad Sandy Homemade CostumeBad Sandy

Rubik's Cube CostumeRubik's Cube

Cute Ghost Homemade CostumeCute Ghost

Little Jockey and Race Horse Homemade CostumeLittle Jockey and Race Horse

Scarecrow Girl Homemade CostumeScarecrow

Cowgirl Riding her Horse Homemade CostumeCowgirl Riding her Horse

Coloring in Book Homemade CostumeColoring in Book

Red Queen Homemade CostumeRed Queen

The Annabelle Doll Homemade CostumeThe Annabelle Doll

Ahsoka Tano Homemade CostumeAhsoka Tano

Spunky Spider Girl Homemade CostumeSpunky Spider Girl

MVP Trophy Girl Homemade CostumeMVP Trophy

Girl's I Love Lucy CostumeI Love Lucy


Beauty and the Beast Homemade CostumeBeauty and the Beast

Cruella Deville Homemade CostumeCruella Deville

Girl's Alice in Wonderland CostumeAlice in Wonderland

Inkling Girl Homemade CostumeInkling Girl

Book of Life La Muerte Homemade CostumeBook of Life La Muerte

The Arctic Wolf Homemade CostumeThe Arctic Wolf

Vanellope Von Schweetz Racer Homemade CostumeVanellope Von Schweetz Racer

Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn Homemade CostumeDaenerys Targaryen Stormborn

Edward Scissorhands Homemade CostumeEdward Scissorhands

Wheelchair Cinderella CostumeCinderella

Cereal Killer Homemade CostumeCereal Killer

Chucky Homemade CostumeChucky

Bride of Chucky Homemade CostumeBride of Chucky

Dark Mermaid Homemade CostumeDark Mermaid

Creative DIY Ursula Costume for GirlsUrsula

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