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Momma's Little Cupcake Costume
by April
Cupcake Costume
by Riley
Sweet Cupcake Costume
by Marinelle

Cupcake Baby Costume

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 Cupcake Baby Costume

Little Cupcake

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Costume type:  Costumes for Babies
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 1st place in the Cutest Baby Costume nomination!

A word from Rachel, the 'Little Cupcake' costume creator:

This is a handmade costume I made for my daughter for Halloween! The bottom is made from an old lampshade from a second hand store and I covered it in tinfoil. I used batting material from a craft store to make the fluff (frosting) of the cupcake. Hidden under the fluff there is suspenders clipped to the lampshade to hold it up! I used a hot pink spray paint to color the batting and used a spray glitter on top along with small pieces of contruction paper to look like sprinkles! It cost me around $15 to make.

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73 votes
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#1 comment by Veronica September 8, 2013

Very clever

#2 comment by Rachel October 7, 2013

Thank you!

#3 comment by Jenny November 16, 2014

Do you still have this costume?

#4 comment by Rachel November 16, 2014

I don't :( nowhere to store it afterwards. Wish i could have. It was fun

#5 comment by nichole September 17, 2015

What did you attach the batting too?? And was a big lamp shade and did u have to cut in half so she could walk? Very cute!!!!!

#6 comment by Carol September 17, 2015

Love your little cupcake. You are very creative.

#7 comment by Lynn September 17, 2015

Soo Cute! How did you get the fluff to stay in place?!

#8 comment by Rachel September 17, 2015

Thank you! I glued the batting to her shirt, I also glued some around the rim of the lamp shade and built it up from there. I also glued some to the suspenders that help hold it up. I did not have to cut it in half. The lamp shade was big enough for her to step into, and since she was only a couple years old, she had plenty of room to walk

#9 comment by Sherry September 17, 2015

Could it be made into an adult costume? How?

#10 comment by Rachel September 17, 2015

I'm sure you could! Get you one of those round laundry baskets. Cut the bottom of it out for your legs. Covered in tin foil and do everything that I did and it should work? :)

#11 comment by M. Roslyn McCarty September 17, 2015

It is great and so is the little one. I'D give her a 5 on a scale of. 1to5.

#12 comment by Sue White September 17, 2015

I'm told that Fluff burns fast & hot.
Is this a fireproof Fluff?

#13 comment by jenn m September 18, 2015

Because all halloween costumes are fireproof no matter what material its made of right?? I absolutely love it...#haters #jealous

#14 comment by Lisa G September 18, 2015

This is adorable! Every time this comes through my FB news feed I do a double take because she looks just like my daughter when she was young. (after looking at your other pictures not so much). Anyway, I had to send it to my mother telling her my daughter has a twin. Very cute costume!

#15 comment by Rachel September 18, 2015

I couldn't tell u how it burns. I didnt test it. We were nowhere near hot flames or candles...so i wasn't too concerned with her goin up in flames. Lol. Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments :) i never expected it to go viral like it did!

#16 comment by penny September 20, 2015

how much does it cost to make this ?

#17 comment by Jane September 21, 2015

How did you keep the foil from ripping?

Also, did you do the batting ahead of time or glue it whe she was in it to make it look so nice?

#18 comment by Rachel September 22, 2015

I used the heavy duty foil and put a strip of hot glue down each piece and had no issues with tearing. I glued the costume together and in her shirt ahead of time so it was dried and painted before putting it on her. It seemed to keep shape pretty well. I didnt have much issue with it coming off.

#19 comment by Sandi September 23, 2015

Absolutely love this. Since I live in a chilly Halloween area, I am thinking of using a hoodie for the fluff, and having their face be part of the frosting. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

#20 comment by Theresa October 7, 2015

This is adorable! I love it!! Going to try it this year. Thanks for the 'laundry basket' tip ;)

#21 comment by Dawn October 12, 2015

Great costume I'm going to attempt it for my daughter. Do you think I could cut the bottom of the lampshade so she can walk better? The one I have is pretty narrow on the bottom.

#22 comment by Rachel October 13, 2015

I don't see why not. Should work fine :-)

#23 comment by christina October 16, 2015

How did you cut the metal out of the lampshade? Also, I used polypill, but concerned that it will fall off--I used hot glue o stick to shirt so far, but fearful that it may come loose..any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

#24 comment by Rachel October 16, 2015

I used wire cutters and cut the metal out. It was hard. You might have to pry at it fo bit, or have a bf/husband/stronger significant other do it lol. Dont do giant pieces. Do smaller ones and build it up..that's what I did and it stuck ok! I'm sure if she was.rough and running and stuff, it may have come apart. . I just made sure I glued the heck outta it and built it up onto itself and it seemed to hold ok! Hope it works out for you!

#25 comment by Angela October 17, 2015

Love this idea, we have an almost 3 year old and I am a pastry chef and cake designer so this is brilliant. I was wondering if you only used 1 bag of polyfill. I lucked out and found my shade and kid suspenders at the thrift shop and i already have 1 bag. My advice for the part where you break out the metal bulb thing is to hot glue felt over it before you foil it mine broke off pretty clean. :) im going to be working on this tonight. Im leaving my fabric on my shade and foiling over it, i think it will help with warmth its cold here.

#26 comment by Rachel October 17, 2015

I think I only used 1 bag! I wanna see people's cupcakes so bad! Lol

#27 comment by Angela October 18, 2015

It would be awesome to share

#28 comment by Holly Trader October 25, 2015

I am making this for my 4 year old, I hope it turns out as good.

#29 comment by Beth October 25, 2015

My daughter loved this pic so i am making this for her this year. What kind of glue did u use? Im just trying to figure out which kind would hold the best

#30 comment by Rachel October 26, 2015

I used hot glue! Easy to squirted where it's needed. And easy to cover with paint or more fluff so it's not visible. I did burn my fingertips a few times touching it lol, so be careful :)

#31 comment by Angela October 26, 2015

I also used high temp hot glue. Kept my fluff white tho n used little gems n sparkly foam to make sprinkles i wish i could share

#32 comment by Rachel October 26, 2015

No kidding! I wanna see everyone's costumes lol. If you have a facebook, you can message me on there? My name is Rachel Mccarrel :)

#33 comment by Holly Trader October 29, 2015

Did u glue the suspenders, the shirt and the fluff all together? And if so, how did you get the shirt on her? I'm trying to finish this up for my 4 year old and trying to figure out if I glue all together, will she be able to put her arms through the shirt. Sorry, lol, may be a dumb ?

#34 comment by Michelle Rodman October 30, 2015

I'm making for my 6 yr old granddaughter. I had to cut narrow end of lampshade off as it was too narrow for my granddaughter to fit. I marked where to cut n used a razer blade. Then put a new piece of wire around and taped with Gorilla ducktape over the ruff edge and wire. That should keep the foil from ripping against the ruff edge too. I'll try to remember to send a picture after I finish it.

#35 comment by Rachel October 30, 2015

Hi holly, I glued fluff to the shirt and suspenders but I did not glue the suspenders to the shirt. Some of the fluff I glued to the lampshade, after u got her shirt on (which was covered in fluff) some of the fluff that was glued to the lamp shade kind of stuck to the fluff on the shirt on its own just because it kinda got tangled together. If that makes sense. The suspenders were attached to the lamp shade and covered in fluff also.

#36 comment by Angela October 30, 2015

Shes putting it on tonight ill message you a pic :)

#37 comment by Rachel October 30, 2015

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to it :)

#38 comment by Holly Trader October 30, 2015

Thank you so much for all your help, I hope mine turns out as good as yours. If u want to send me a friend request on Facebook, I will post pictures tomorrow night so you can see my little cupcake.

#39 comment by Dannette McCarty September 19, 2016

I am making this costume for my granddaughter, I call her Cupcake for a nickname! Will post pics when it's done!

#40 comment by Rachel September 19, 2016

Sounds great! I'm sure it will look super cute!

#41 comment by Jennifer October 4, 2016

How did you take care of the rough edges of the metal in the lamp shade once the metal was cut out

#42 comment by Rachel October 5, 2016

I cut the wires with wire cutters as close to the lamp shade as I could. And then on the inside if it was Pokey at all I folded the foil over a few times and hot glued it that way it wouldn't poke

#43 comment by Jennifer October 5, 2016

Thank you! I used tape and extra batting to cover it! I finished m8ne last nighht!

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