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   Hello Friends and other Cyberland travelers. 

   When I first considered writing this little blurb about myself, two things crossed my mind: 1. Who AM I really? ( WHAT can I write "about" myself that isn't going to be TOTALLY BORING to the reader?) and 2. Who really CARES?( when you arrived at this site I sincerely doubt that it was in search of  "keyword : Coletta " )  However, Since you DID click to this particular page, I must surmise that there is some interest here.... so I will put my shyness aside, while I try to appease your curiousity.

   I am a 50-something woman who has had the pleasure (and pain) of rearing 6 children. They are all adults now and have given me MANY little rugrats ("grandchildren" if you prefer ) to love, admire, and play with. 

 My passions are: MY CHILDREN (including significant others) and GRANDCHILDREN, of course. HARLEYS (not that I HAVE one at this point but maybe someday there will be another! :-) .  VIETNAM VETERANS, true Heros.(Have you thanked a Vietnam Veteran today?).  Our TROOPS. (The oldest son is in Iraq on his second tour of duty there. He was also in Kosovo a few years ago.)( Have you thanked an Iraq Veteran today?)

  I surely should mention that one of my "passions"( in things I enjoy doing) is Costuming. Not wanting to be redundant though...I'd just BET that I mentioned this fact someplace else here on this website :-)

   Born in California, I am reasonably well-traveled...and have lived in Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and California. My experiences range from Bronc Busting, to Sling Spear Fishing, to Nursing.  I have been married x3...widowed once, divorced once, and...I haven't figured out what to do with the last one yet :-o (keeps the wolves away ? :-)  Several years ago I injured my back at work( House Manager in a group home for handicapped youngsters) and had to have Major Back Surgery(hint: you would do best to avoid back surgery if at all possible) . It definately put me off working the floor at any more nursing jobs. It kind of slowed down my urge to move around  too..although I used to love discovering new worlds.

  Speaking of new worlds; a few years ago I discovered the internet. WOW!  Now there are some WORLDS here!  It IS a great civilization here on the much to much to much TROUBLE that I could get INTO! :-)   Since I am one who very much likes to speak things as I see them..I found that "chat rooms" are not for me. I suppose that in one way the chat rooms are a great way to live in a fantasy world..and not even need a COSTUME!  But I DID make some very special friends out there in Cyberland(Hiya Frank :-), some that will always be close to my heart even though they are miles away. I guess I can say that Cyberland has been good to long as I handled it with care.   I enjoyed doing my traveling online...and with gas prices the way they are I'm thinking there simply IS no better mode of travel for me right now.

  One day I woke up and, with a little help from my friends(and family), found myself working on a Website. Why NOT since I spend most of my waking hours at my computer anyway? I must tell you that I am enjoying every moment of building this site. It is my sincere hope that I can make this a living, working, website that everybody can enjoy and find any of their costume needs through.   I hope my readers will have patience with me because I AM a little bit slow due to the extra care I am putting into these pages to make them just right.  Soon I hope to have ALL of the pages filled to overflowing with things you wish to try or things you wish to buy.

   If you wish to contact me for info.... or to send me something....or just to say "HI!" (I would be more than happy to say HI right back at ya) please just click the link or write to me at (don't forget the dash (-) between the "Costume" and "Works")









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