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Bumblebee Transformer Costume

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Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Transforming Bumblebee Transformer

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Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Movie and TV Show Costumes

This homemade costume for boys entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Jeff, the 'Bumblebee Transformer' costume creator:

7 year old son: "Dad, I want to be a bumblebee for Halloween."
Dad: "Really, you mean one with black and yellow stripes and cute little wings. Kind of baby-ish for a 7-year-old don't you think?"
Son: "No Dad, Bumblebee! From Transformers."
Dad: "Oh, of course. That's better. That will be cool, we can make it look like a robot and stuff..."
Son: "...and I want it to actually transform!"
Ugh, here we go again...

So this was my son's request for this year, and the web searching for ideas began. Luckily, as cool as my son's idea was, it wasn't the first time anyone ever made a transforming Transformers costume, so there were plenty of excellent examples on the web. But, of course, the devil is in the details, so I set about this year's costume design in earnest.
I discarded the idea of being faithful to how Bumblebee transforms in the movies – way too complex for my 7 year old to pull off quickly every time someone asks him to transform in the costume. I found some good simplifications in costumes on the web, and added some of my own tweaks on how it should work. Once I decided on the basic transforming operation, I went to work prototyping it quick and dirty with cardboard and duct tape to check operation and sizing. My son had a ball with the prototype. Heck, I could have slapped some yellow paint on it and called it good, but no...
It has to look cool as a car and a robot, so I modeled a simplified Camaro in CAD. Since my costume making medium of choice is foam core board, it couldn't have any compound curves. I then used some software called Papakura (thanks costume makers on the web) to convert the folded up surfaces of the model into flat shapes I could print and cut out. Papekure is normally used to make small scale intricate paper models, but it worked great scaled up with foam core board too. Many hours later, some glue, and a lot of yellow paint, I finished the car with some bike light taillights and dollar store flashlights for headlights.
For my son's body, since he had to curl up so small to fit inside the car mode, he couldn't have too much robot body armor on, but I did make some cool designs in yellow and silver duct tape on his black sweats. Foam armor for his knees helped him kneel more comfortably on random sidewalks.
Of course my son's head doesn't look like Bumblebee's head, so he needed a helmet too. Now you can buy a Bumblebee helmet, but noooooo. Some more 3D modeling, cut up foam flooring pads, hot glue, and paint, and the homemade helmet was born. My son had some cool blue LED glasses that finished it off nicely.
Then it all got put together and... Ready, Set, Transform... Whew, worked out pretty well. Only bummer is that my son couldn't wear the helmet while in car mode, but that was minor. He was the envy of many a 7 year old at the various Halloween costume events we went to. And after transforming about a hundred times for people's requests, the costume is still holding up. Cool idea son. Now next year, can't you just be a ghost?...

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74 votes
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#1 comment by Donna Czupryk November 8, 2012

Wow...awesome job...awesome Dad!!! Good thing he kept in your field of capability...
I would've been lost!!! That's something to be very proud of Dad!!!

#2 comment by Karla August 27, 2014

I'll buy it from u!!!!

#3 comment by May September 27, 2014

Will you sell it? Please email me I'm interested for my 7 yr old who wants to be bumble bee.

#4 comment by Seth October 4, 2014

So cool! Do you still have the papekure design files you did? I want to build one of these for my 5 year old son and I'm not sure I have the CAD skills you do.


#5 comment by Bia March 22, 2015

I need this for my son! How can I buy this?? Please email.

#6 comment by Jarrett April 23, 2015

Hi Jeff! I was wondering if you happen to have the Pep files for sale. I think you do win the award for style and functionality. NICE JOB!
Please let me know if you are willing! My son just turned 7 and has asked for Halloween. I'm going to try to connect to every link to reach you (not going to stalk you...well maybe :)
Please let me know! From one evolved dad to another!

#7 comment by Jaime Minor September 7, 2015

Do you have a way for others to get your Pep files? I have a 3 year old that wants to be this for Halloween this year. (My 6 year old wants to be Optimus Prime...also transforming) Any help you could give me would be great!

#8 comment by Erika September 14, 2015

Would you please share the instructions? For purchase?

#9 comment by Jalene October 18, 2015

Can I ask how you attached the joint/hinge areas. I am making one and find that where my hood attaches to the body of the car, it really sags down. Any suggestions?

#10 comment by Jo January 24, 2016

Do you have instructions or can you build me one? And how much?

#11 comment by seyhan March 7, 2016

I want to buy this bumbeblee transformers costumes
He is 4 years old.
How can i buy this?

#12 comment by Wendy September 10, 2016

Omg. Story of my life. Two years ago my three year old son requested a transforming Optimus prime costume. Done. Last year, construction bulldozer with functioning levers, etc. this year, transforming bumblebee...at least this year, I have some helpful resources thanks to your post! And the adventure begins

#13 comment by Maui October 4, 2016

Please email me the instructions, i want this for my 4 year old son! please!

#14 comment by Kathy bialeschki August 31, 2017

I would love to make this for my grandson

#15 comment by Tracy Vana September 4, 2017

This is awesome! Would you share the file? Or are you selling these?

#16 comment by Heather September 15, 2017

Hi Jeff! I was wondering if you happen to have the files for sale. I am in envy and would love to make a costume however not sure I have the talent for a transformer!
Please let me know if you are willing! My son just turned 6 and has asked to be Bumblebee for Halloween. Of course he wants one that can actually transform!
Help please

#17 comment by carah September 24, 2017

can you send instruction please.

#18 comment by Julie September 28, 2017

My son just saw this and is begging for us to try and make this. As the others have requested, are you able to send instructions?

#19 comment by Tina October 8, 2017

Do you have instructions available? I would so so appreciate your expertise!

#20 comment by Carolina October 19, 2017

Can you help me? I need the instructions please!!!!
Can you send me the instructions? Thank you

#21 comment by Tom February 15, 2018

would really appriciate instructions as well..thanks!

#22 comment by Delia February 24, 2018

Can you send me the instructions too.... thanks

#23 comment by Tnguyen April 23, 2018

If you have instructions to sell, I'd be very interested!

#24 comment by Emre Tuzun June 3, 2018

Hi Jeff,
I a father of a 3-year old boy and came across your awesome job by chance. Big kudos from a dedicated dad!!
I would very much appreciate if you could share your instructions,should I have to pay for it,i'd gladly do.
Thank you...

#25 comment by Hanan August 22, 2018

Such a wonderful costume How can I buy one or two for my sons please email me

#26 comment by Gail Fowler August 23, 2018

Hi Jeff,
Would you make one of these for my 5 yr. old grandson to purchase? You could start your own business!!! This costume is amazing!!!!
Please help me to make this my grandson's best Halloween yet. Thank you!

#27 comment by Helen Hartlove September 2, 2018

My son wants this custome for this yr how did you do this please help

#28 comment by Maria Herrera September 15, 2018

My 4 yo would love to dress up as Bumble bee this year, would you sell it or give me instructions to make it?

#29 comment by Amanda Francis September 15, 2018

Costume contest for my sons school and of course he wants to win. We built a life size LEGO man last year and one 1st now he won't accept anything less. Can you sale/send instructions step by step on how I can make this happen for him.

#30 comment by Josh September 27, 2018

I would appreciate instructions as well

#31 comment by Fred September 30, 2018

This is awesome, my son would love this costume. Any instructions?

#32 comment by Dwayne Roane October 19, 2018

I would like to by my son this costume for Halloween

#33 comment by Daniela December 2, 2018

This is awesome, my son would love this costume. Please, can you send me any instructions

#34 comment by Nhung Ngo Thi February 18, 2019

Can you help me. I need the íntructions please!can you send me?
Thank you very much!

#35 comment by Marissa Crane September 4, 2019

I am not sure If you are responding to this thread still but my 9 year old son would love to make it for Halloween. Can you send the instructions?? Maybe even some hints to streamline the final product? I will be happy to pay you :-)

#36 comment by Vicky September 19, 2019

My son is wanting to be this for halloween. Could I pay you to make one or pay for instructions or print/ cut outs. I will pay for either.

#37 comment by Roxana September 30, 2019

Hola!! Podrías enviarnos las instrucciones y las plantillas?

#38 comment by Jorge Sanchez Guillen October 21, 2019

Dear jeff, can you send the instuctions. Could I pay you to make one or pay for instructions or print/ cut outs. I will pay for either

#39 comment by MARIA CHORIATAKI November 2, 2019

It is fantastic!!!! can you make one for my son ? He is 12 yrs old and he loves it. of course i will pay for it.

#40 comment by Alexandr December 18, 2019

Do you have the pattern? Can you give it?

#41 comment by Kathy April 25, 2020

My grandson wants me to make his for him for Halloween this year... Do you have a pattern you will sell?

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