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Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for BabiesCostumes can become very expensive, especially since babies will probably not be able to wear the same store-bought costume the next year... They grow like weeds! Fortunately, there is a better (and cheaper) alternative to expensive store-bought costumes. By using clothing or anything else you already have, you can create an easy and inexpensive look for your baby's first Halloween...  Read More »

Best Matching DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies and ParentsDressing up for Halloween is just as fun for parents as it is for children. Even if your child isn't really old enough to Trick-Or-Treat themselves, there are still some great ways to get baby in the act with matching or themed costumes. Do-It-Yourself matching Halloween costumes are a great way to participate in the fun of Halloween with your child.  Read More »

Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes for BabiesHomemade Halloween costumes are one of the best ways to show off your imagination and creativity. Often the costume idea or look you have planned for your baby can't be found in a big box store. Making a costume from scratch is the only way to get the desired look. Looking for something totally out of the ordinary? Here are some creative costume ideas for your inspiration.  Read More »

Cutest Homemade Halloween Costumes for BabiesBabies are cute, but dress them in an awesome Halloween costume, and the cuteness meter explodes! You don't have to be super crafty, or even the least bit creative to create a unique and totally adorable Halloween costume for your baby. Check out 36 of our favorite baby costumes below to get some really "Awwww" worthy ideas!  Read More »

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for KidsMore and more parents are looking for new and different ideas for Halloween costumes. They want a costume for their child or children that it outside of the norm, something different and creative that will have people saying "Wow! Why didn't I think of that?". Our costume contributors for this category have done just that! They come up with some very creative and inexpensive costume ideas...  Read More »

Coolest Homemade Halloween Costumes for KidsEvery kid wants to have the coolest Halloween costume ever. Coming up with a new and unique costume can be tough, but add a parent or parents with a really creative streak to the equation, and a truly awesome idea for Halloween costume is born. We have gathered together 30 of our favorite homemade costumes - find some inspiration for your coolest Halloween costume for your kids from our submissions!  Read More »

Steampunk Costume IdeasMany enthusiasts pride themselves on their exemplary steampunk costumes. This has helped to push the steampunk sub-culture into mainstream popularity. Coming up with your own steampunk costume idea can be overwhelming or expensive. However, if you try hard enough you can create a costume that is basic, but yet workable. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.  Read More »

Unique Halloween Costume IdeasAround the beginning of October everyone's focus seems to turn to creating unique Halloween costumes. Everyone wants to be the scariest or the bloodiest or the most gruesome. Nobody wants to be just a vampire or merely a werewolf. You can buy costumes like that at the store. No, these days, those who want to be truly unique, use every ounce of creativity they have to create a homemade costume that rocks!  Read More »

Funny Homemade Costume IdeasIf you browse through our site you'll see a lot of very funny homemade costumes. In fact, they're just as popular as the zombies and vampires and Beetlejuice costumes. Not everyone likes to dress like a zombie. And some people like to dress like a zombie hot dog. Whatever your 'taste' in costumes, here are some ideas to help you get a few laughs.  Read More »

Cheap Halloween Costumes: To Buy or to Hand-make?Have you ever come up with a perfect Halloween costume idea and came to found it to be outrageous at the Halloween super stores? Many prefer making their own costumes to purchasing them due to the amount of money they save. Halloween costumes often require a lot of accessories as well and may only be worn once, so searching for affordable and creative Halloween costumes becomes a difficult task.  Read More »

Lego Halloween CostumesOne of the most beloved childhood activities, playing and building with Lego's, have been making their way to the top of popular homemade Halloween costumes. Their creativity and realistic build make people curious as to how you did it and will probably want to snap a few photos as well. It can often be difficult to find Lego costumes that are really neat and stand out, however...  Read More »

Homemade Costume Ideas for CouplesComing up with some couple Halloween costumes can seem like a pretty daunting task. Not only do you have to create one costume, you have to create two. And not only does your costume have to be unique and make a statement about you, together your costumes have to make a statement about who you are as a couple. Here are some homemade couples costume ideas to help get you in the mood.  Read More »

Katy Perry Halloween Costume IdeasA celebrity themed Halloween costume is always a popular choice; not only is an A-lister's signature style instantly recognizable and fun to recreate, but it allows you to display your love for your favourite star. Many of our competition entrants have embraced this idea and one celebrity who's getting a whole lot of love is Katy Perry. Her distinctive creative flair when it comes to outfit choices means that your options for Katy Perry Halloween costumes are practically limitless.  Read More »

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant LadiesPregnant ladies will know all too well that dressing to accommodate an ever-growing baby bump can be awkward and frustrating, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that Halloween will be a nightmare. However, with a hint of creativity, pregnancy can actually open up a whole new realm of fun and unique costume ideas. So if you're a mommy-to-be, there's no need to skip the Halloween parties this year...  Read More »

Homemade Mascot CostumesIf you're having trouble coming up with ideas, think Mascot Costumes this Halloween. Now, I know what you're thinking - who wants to dress up like Brutus the Buckeye or Mr. Peanut? Where's the fun? Where's the imagination? And what do those Mascot characters have to do with Halloween?  Read More »

Homemade Halloween Costume IdeasThis page has links to homemade costumes that were created mostly by the wonderful people who have entered our costume contests in the years since Costume-Works.com began. Some costumes have more detailed instructions than others, some have very little in the way of actual "instructions" but we hope that by posting the photosw of some of these costumes, it may be just enough to get an idea forming in ones head of where to begin.  Read More »