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Bowl of Fruit Loops Costume
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The Hamburglar Costume
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Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is for people of ALL ages. Yes, that includes us people who are supposed to be old enough to KNOW BETTER! Ah but it's FUN.. and it's even ALLOWED. On this night we can pretend to our hearts content and no one can think us strange. Maybe THAT'S because they don't have to know who we are!??

Just below are a few Adult Costumes from Spirit Halloween:

A Dramatic Witch costume

A Dramatic Witch

A Mini-Skirted Witch costume

A Mini-Skirted Witch

The Wizard of OZ costume for men

The Wizard of OZ

A Gladiator costume

A Gladiator

Costumes range from Horror (Zombie Costumes), to Romantic (Zorro Costumes) to Silly (Bugs Bunny Costumes) to all out WILD (Wolfman Costumes). Maybe you'd like to be soft and sweet in a Flower Costume ladies, or maybe a sultry Vampiress Costume is more to your taste.

Check out some of these great adult costumes below from our Annual Halloween Costume Contest:

Cook Chef and Bun in the Oven CostumeCook Chef and Bun in the Oven Costumes

Barbie and Ken Couples CostumeBarbie & Ken Costumes

Marge and Homer Simpsons CostumeThe Simpsons Costumes

Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas CostumeOogie Boogie Costume

Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin CostumesWonder Woman, Batman and Robin Costumes

Barack Oburglar CostumeBarack Oburglar Costume

Barbie and Ken Couples CostumeBarbie & Ken Costumes

Captain Jack Sparrow CostumeCapt Jack Sparrow Costume

Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger Costume

Homemade Ice Queen costumeIce Queen Costume

Jack Skellington CostumeJack Skellington Costume

Avatar CostumesAvatars Costumes

Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Costume

The Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costume

Capri Sun Juice PouchCapri Sun Juice Pouch Costume

If Sexy Costumes are what you want.. don't forget that we have a whole section of them just a little further down on left-side menu: "Sexy Halloween Costumes". And you may want to visit our Sexy Valentines Day Costume page also.

Below are GREAT Adult Costumes from Buy Costumes. These 6 Adult Costumes below are just the VERY tip of the Costuming Iceberg. Just check the costumes I've provided below and once you are at the Buy Costumes web site/catalog ...browse! There is absolutely NO WAY you will be disappointed with what you find there.

Ironman Costume

Ironman Costume

Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter Costume

KISS Demon Costume

KISS Demon Costume

80's Party Girl Costume

80's Party Girl Costume

Alice in Wonderland MOVIE Costume

Alice in Wonderland MOVIE Costume

Witch's Hat Costume
Hmmmmm...Now that's cute :-)

Costumes above from Buy Costumes are all wonderful, well-made, and cost-considerate.

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Now here's a thought... How about showing up for Halloween as a Tattooed Man or Lady? Great T-Shirts from Be Wild might just help one achieve the necessary look. Be Wild has a TON of Halloween things I think an "adult" would enjoy. Click the pic below and check out the 17 piece Make-up kit they offer:

makeup kit

Customize your Halloween costume with this all in one face paint kit. This deluxe all inclusive kit contains everything you need to paint your face like what ever character you desire. This makeup kit is perfect for all costumes from clowns, witches, skeletons vampires or even the devil himself. All it takes to make an award winning costume is this face paint kit and some time and a little talent. The results are realistic, and you will not have to worry about taking off your costume to do normal things like eat and drink.

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One of my plans for these pages is to give you MANY choices....as many as I can locate. Whether the site/store is my affiliate or not I will still give you the best options possible to choose from...EVEN if I am only allowed to show you a link. Most of all I'd like the people who come here to be happy with what they can find through my site....even if I have to escort you the long way around to find the exact thing. ;-)

As I spend more time building on these pages.. I intend to have an ever widening choice of costumry and accessories for you to choose from. While you're here checking out the site, please don't forget to look in on the "Historical Costumes" Pages and also the "Holiday and Fantasy" Pages for MORE Costumes for all occasions.
There are no set rules for Halloween Costumes after all... If you'd like to be a Medieval Knight out of the pages of History..for your appearance at a Halloween Party... Who's to say you won't win the "Best Costume" Trophy? Heck...I'm sure if you wanted to be a "Fairy"..from the land of "fantasy" on Hallowen night..no one will complain one bit either. So take your time and explore your options on my other pages also. Simply follow the menu on the left side of these pages... relax....and enjoy. (...and Thanks for coming :-)